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Come Follow Me for Us podcast

Dec 29, 2020

This is the first Episode of Season Three.  This Episode talks about how we can know truth and what to do if we have questions.  It also talks about Section 1 of the Doctrine and Covenants

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Dec 22, 2020

This lesson is a combination of the last two lessons of 2020.

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Merry Christmas!!

Dec 8, 2020

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Dec 1, 2020

This episode contains two parts.  The first 25 minutes are thoughts on this weeks' lesson.  The second half is part of Season 1 Episode 3 about the Christmas Nativity.  I thought it might be nice to play it with your family as you get out your nativity this year.  The prophet has asked us to try to find the ways that...

Nov 24, 2020

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