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Come Follow Me for Us podcast

Apr 26, 2022

This episode is about the Israelites worshipping the golden cow and the importance of sacrifice and being obedient. 

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Apr 19, 2022

This episode is about helping each other and delegating!! And maybe listening to the advice of those who love us and want what is best for us! 

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Shine on!

Apr 17, 2022

This short episode is only to warn you that my Instagram account @comefollowmeforus was stolen and the hackers are pretending to be me and asking everyone to invest in bitcoin.  I hope that no one thought it was me!  I am working to get it fixed.  I'm so sorry!!

Please listen to know what you can do to help. ...

Apr 13, 2022

This episode is about the parting of the Red Sea, mana from heaven, and bitter water/tree miracles.

It includes fun facts about the Red Sea and me singing a delightful song.